How to Obtain Your CPE Contact Hours

1. Access the APhA website and identify the conference here.
2. Login at the top right corner and enter your APhA profile log-in information.
3. If you have forgotten your log-in information, click the “Forgot” link and information will be emailed to you. If you do not have an APhA profile, you will need to create one. 

Creating a profile will generate your NABP number. It can take up to 8 hours for a new number to become live, so you may need to return to complete the evaluation. Please write down your NABP number noted in your profile—you will need it at the end of the evaluation process.

Scroll down to ONS Connections Conference in the right menu and click on “Claim Credit.”
5. Enter the 4-digit attendance code(s) that were shown before and after each session and click “Submit.” If you cannot remember the attendance code, please see instructions under For Assistance. 

6. Click the Claim Credit button located in the “Your Sessions” section.
 Click the Evaluation button and complete the evaluation. A green check mark on the left side indicates your successful completion of each component.
8.  Enter your six-digit NABP E-Profile ID, the month and day of your birth, check “Yes” to verify accuracy, and click “Claim.” If you have just requested your NABP number, you will need to wait up to 8 hours to allow it to become active in the system. 
9. Check the disclaimer box.
10. Click the “Claim Credit” button.
11. Select the appropriate credit (pharmacist). 
12. Print your Statement of Credit. 
13. CPE credits will be transferred automatically to CPE Monitor (but not to any ONS tracking system). 
14. Upon your return to this site, “My Training” located in the left navigation will maintain a history of your APhA continuing education activities.

15. All CPE credits must be claimed by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, December 20.

0.1 CEU = 1.0 contact hour.

For Assistance

- If you misplaced an attendance code or need any assistance, please email

- If you need your username and password, contact or phone 1-800-237-APhA, ext. 7546.

- For additional questions regarding NABP E-Profile ID creation and maintenance, as well as the reporting process to the state boards of pharmacy, please contact NABP Customer Service at 847-391-4406, Monday–Friday between 8:45 am–5 pm CST.

As one of the world’s foremost experts on quality care, keynote speaker Bernadette Melnyk calls up the networks that make evidence-based practice “go”: effective cross-sector partnerships. Focusing on the communication pipeline between advanced practice nurses and nurse scientists, she’ll reveal the strategies that get evidence to the bedside faster, drawing from the ARCC model for building evidence-based healthcare cultures.

Featured Speakers

Stress, Inflammation, and Cancer

Judith Payne, PhD, RN, AOCN® State of the Science Lecture
Saturday, November 9, 2–3 pm

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) give us the patient’s perspective on the impact of diseases and treatments, and play an important role in both quality assessment and improvement. Using real-world examples from cancer care and research, Claire Snyder will review how collected PROs can be used for both individual patients and groups of patients to measure quality. Snyder is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, with a joint appointment in health and policy management.